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Grease me up, woman!

Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song

I will not celebrate meaningless milestones

Couch gag: Homer pulls off the Fox watermark and the family stomp on it.

Director: Bob Anderson

First appearance of:
Assistant Superintendent Leo
Uni-browed baby Gerald

Synopsis: Bart takes Santa’s Little Helper to school for a Show and Tell and the dog escapes, wreaking havoc. Unfortunately, it’s also the day for a visit from Superintendent Chalmers, who fires Skinner on the spot and Ned Flanders takes his place. Bart and Skinner become friends because Bart feels guilt at his part in Skinner’s sacking.

Discussion: Welcome to episode 100! *throws streamers*

In keeping with the “emotional attachment” that season 5 has brought to the characters, here we see Bart feeling remorse for getting Skinner fired. It turns out Bart does have feelings for someone other than family. Who knew??

Every kid remembers Show and Tell at school. I remember bringing in a snow globe with a duck inside… I didn’t have a geode like every kid in Springfield 😦 It’s actually a really inspired idea for Bart to take a dog to school and get Skinner fired. We don’t know much about Skinner at this point: he lives with his mother and is a Vietnam War veteran. Am I the only one thinking he’s a bit like Norman Bates, just waiting for the right moment to strike…? (This occurred to me because Skinner calls his mother “Mother”, just like Norman Bates. Yep, think about it.)

Anyhoo, after Skinner is fired, he and Bart strike up a friendship, mainly because it’s a law of physics that you can’t be friends with your teacher or principal. Skinner re-enlists in the army but misses the school and conspires with Bart to get Flanders fired.

Which brings me to: WTF is Flanders doing as principal? Another inspired idea because Ned doesn’t have a clue about anything except religion (which is ultimately his undoing), so he lets the kids run wild and Martin is locked in a cage doing his ironing and singing songs from Carmen.

A very well-written and executed episode, fitting for the 100th episode of the series.

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