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Today we’re doing the Career Aptitude Normalising Test, or C.A.N.T.

Separate Vocations

I will not barf unless I’m sick

Couch gag: The family sit down and Bart flops across their laps

Director: Jeffrey Lynch

Guest voice:
Steve Allen as Bart testifying in court

First appearance of:

Synopsis:Bart and Lisa take aptitude tests at school. Lisa is disappointed to see hers is Homemaker and Bart is surprised to learn he should be a police officer. Fearing her hard work is for nothing, Lisa ditches music and education and becomes a “bad girl”. Bart becomes a good guy and trusted by Principal Skinner.

Discussion: Here we have the tables turned with each Simpson kid (“Marge, the dog doesn’t count as a kid!”) swapping characteristics. Bart becomes good (but ultimately takes the fall for Lisa’s wrongdoing) and Lisa becomes a bad girl. Bart’s fling with authority means he becomes a trusty within the school and all but eliminates bad behaviour and bullying. In turn, Lisa aids in vandalising school property and talking back to the teacher.

It’s clearly a fun episode to write and direct. You can imagine the writers sitting around working out ways how to encourage Lisa and Bart to play swapsies for the episode. In the meantime, we’re introduced to Snake, Springfield’s resident criminal and also see the underbelly of Springfield life and continued police corruption.

I’m glad the writers decided on the sweet ending- Bart taking the fall for Lisa means all’s well in the Simpsons canon once more, neatly tied up in the requisite half an hour.


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