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You come off all needy and bug-eyed


I Don’t Wanna Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

I am not a FDIC insured bank

Couch gag: The Simpsons and their couch are in a diorama; Maggie pulls the Homer figure and sticks it in her mouth.

Director: Bob Anderson

Guest Voices:
Steve Buscemi as Dwight
Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Gloria
Ted Nugent as himself

Synopsis: Marge is held up during a bank robbery and the burglar takes quite a liking to her.

Discussion: It’s great to finally see the voice talent utilised properly! Steve Buscemi is a fantastic actor, and it is also apparent in this episode as Dwight, a bank robber who takes a shine to Marge as a possible replacement for his mother who abandoned him at a theme park. However, I kept waiting for something to happen… and it never did. The ep coasted along nicely but never took that big leap into a really great episode. What if, during the bank robbery, a film crew showed up to film a new episode of ‘Bad Cops’? We haven’t seen Bad Cops since oh, season 4 or so. I think something like that would have really lifted the episode. Even the Itchy & Scratchy episode failed to deliver laughs.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus returned for a few seconds as Snake’s girlfriend Gloria, previously seen in ‘Hunka Hunka Burns in Love‘ where she fell for Mr Burns but ultimately ended up with her ex boyfriend Snake. It’s always nice when previous episodes are honoured (again, we could have done with a Bad Cops reference).

If nothing else, the movie parodies alone are worth watching the ep for. There’s the obvious Shawshank Redemption but half the fun is spotting them all. This has potential for be a really great episode, it just doesn’t quite get there. Still, it’s enjoyable and I’m so glad Marge doesn’t have post-traumatic stress again after her stint as a hostage.

You’re late for your drunkening


Brake My Wife, Please

Couch gag: The Simpsons have their photo taken in a novelty cardboard cutout.

Director: Pete Michels

Guest voices:
Jane Kaczmarek as Judge Harm
Steve Buscemi as himself
Jackson Browne as himself

Synopsis: Homer loses his license and Marge feels unappreciated when driving him around and running his errands.

Discussion: Screwed if I know what this episode was about. Something about Homer being a jerk and Marge stressing. Throw in a couple of absurd musical numbers and you end up with a confused look on your face and a subtle gladness that the atrocity is finally over.

There are no redeeming features to this episode. No classic lines, no discernible plot, and even the three guest stars are out of place; they feel shoved in at the last moment in a vain attempt to bring a pulse to the dying show. It’s one of the worst episodes thus far simply because I got to the end and thanked the Lord it was over. What the hell was that about? No, really, someone please tell me because I have no idea.

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