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We’ll have a kid who did a thing


Any Given Sundance

Couch gag: The Simpsons are in a pop-up book

Director: Chuck Sheetz

Guest voices:
Jim Jarmusch as himself
John C. Reilly as himself

Synopsis: Lisa enters a documentary about her family into the Sundance Film Festival.

Discussion: *snore* Oh, it’s over already?

You’re forgiven for thinking you’ve seen this episode before (even if you haven’t). Springfield has had a film festival before, and the kids have made movies/comics/other general media about their parents before. For some reason I didn’t quite catch, Lisa’s attempt lands her in the Sundance Film Festival, where people go nuts over her family’s dysfunction. Call me cynical, but her movie doesn’t capture anything we know or love about the Simpson family. What would happen if she let the tape run and it turned into a Paranormal Activity-type thing? What would happen if her family didn’t do anything exciting and the Sundance audience hated them? Get it, it would be satirising America’s falling out of love with the show? Huh?

Anyhoo, there’s nothing special about this episode. Nelson’s short film, entitled Life Blows Chunks, is similar to Barney’s entry into Springfield’s film festival but lacks the same heart. Nelson’s family life sucks but he’s OK with that and makes friends with people whose parents are in similar situations, like when Marge went to jail and he bonded with Bart on the bus.

I can’t really say much about this ep. It sucks.


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