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Safer than football

There Will Be Buds

Director:Matthew Vaughan

Synopsis: Milhouse’s dad clings to Homer’s friendship.

Discussion: This ep skips the intro and head straight into the “story”. Homer is forced into a friendship with the town loser, Kirk van Houten. It reeks of the Homer-Ned friendship episode, but way more lame. Homer doesn’t want to be friends with the weirdo. That’s it.

I honestly don’t know what to say about this episode. It wasn’t bad per se, just boring as hell. Or as the cool kids say, shit af. The highlight is Homer and Kirk’s Bro song, which garnered a giggle or two.

On the upside, it was one of the more rounded plots seen in recent years, so I can’t complain about that. Sure, it didn’t contain any depth or layers that are discovered with each viewing, but considering some of the tripe the writers have been dishing up for the past ten years, this is a definite pass mark.


Simpson Says Safe

Homer’s Odyssey

I will not skateboard in the halls

Couch gag: the couch collapses when the family sits on it.

Director: Wesley Archer

Synopsis: Bart’s class is on a field trip to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, where Homer has his first accident of the series and is fired. After being rejected for new positions, Homer considers suicide before finding his calling with placing safety signs all over town.

First appearance of:
Sherri and Terri
Duff Beer
Chief Wiggum

This episode is quite dark, and I’m not just talking about Smithers being African-American. As mentioned previously, The Simpsons was deliberately written as the antithesis of the All-American Family seen in the 1980s. Homer losing his job and considering suicide is not only dark subject matter for prime-time animation, it is also quite dark for a sitcom. It wasn’t well received by critics, however I think it’s the best episode of the season so far; I like that Homer finds passion in keeping his community safe and goes back to his crummy job to pay the bills (much like the rest of us plebs). The episode also contains Bart’s first prank call to Moe- “Hello, is Mr Freely there? Initials I.P.”

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