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We’re sending our love down the well (all the way down)

Radio Bart

I will not carve gods

Couch gag:The Simpsons sit on the couch and bounce into new positions.

Director: Carlos Baeza

Guest Voice:
Sting as himself

Synopsis: It’s Bart’s birthday and Homer has bought him a microphone which can be used with any AM radio. Bart plays a number of pranks, culminating in a boy trapped down a well when his radio falls into the well. In an attempt to retrieve it, Bart is trapped down the well.

Discussion: Classic Bart. Doesn’t love his birthday presents (well, he was given socks and a cactus…) and only finds true meaning when shown the possibilities of the microphone. By far, the best part of this episode is the charity song organised by Krusty: We’re Sending Our Love Down the Well. Sting shows he’s a good sport with recording his voice for the episode, which absolutely fits in with his reputation for political and social activism.

This is another of those episodes where I groan at the thought of watching it yet again, but actually enjoy myself and pick up a lot of things I’ve missed before. For instance, here in Australia we don’t have Chuck E. Cheese (thankfully- who’d want to eat at something with “chuck” in the title? Don’t know about the USA, but here, chuck means “to vomit”) so as a kid watching this episode, the Wall E. Weasel was totally weird. The portrayal of the media is also quite interesting. I am currently studying a Communications degree and although I’m not majoring in journalism, I have to do a lot of journalism units. There’s a load of different theories about what makes news so to see Bart’s story fall off the front page and replaced by the Lincoln squirrel is pretty funny.

Overall, it’s a good episode. It has the potential to drag, especially in the middle of the third act, but it picks itself up and keeps going.


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