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Anyone else want a taste of blue thunder?

Orange is the new Yellow

Billboard: Apu holding wilted roses with the caption: “Wilted Mother’s Day roses, 1% off”

Milhouse does not live below the puberty line

Couch gag: Animation of instruction of how to put together a couch, Ikea style

Director: Matthew Faughan

Synopsis: When Marge allows Bart to go to the park unsupervised, she’s hauled away to jail.

Discussion: I like the premise of this episode. I like that it’s a parody of Orange is the new Black and I like that Marge is in charge.

Unfortunately, it’s really boring. It tries so hard, but falls waaaay flat. The writers have tried to give Marge a holiday from the family by being in jail but she did it already at Rancho Relaxo, with better results.

The family are looked after by Flanders, but Homer and Bart still find a way to mess it up. Marge misses her family. There’s a cow in the tornado. Yawn.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a lot better than 60% of this season’s episodes, but it’s still a total yawn fest. It’s the kind of smooshy ending ones expects from a season finale but the zing is long gone.

Thank God that season is over, but I don’t hold high hopes for season 28. Sigh.

The words were in my brain


Postcards from the Wedge

couch gag: The couch is a pinata and when Ralph hits it, the family fall out.

Director: Mark Kirkland

Synopsis: Bart tries to tear his parents’ marriage apart by playing them against each other.

Discussion: This episode made no sense. It starts with Bart not wanting to do homework, then Marge and Homer fight, and to fill in the last five minutes, Bart and Milhouse play in an abandoned subway and somehow the school is ruined.


The ep was a mish mash of ideas that were thrown into a hat and pulled out one by one to fill twenty minutes. There were some good one liners, which made the episode bearable, but on the whole, it was a pretty poor effort with no clear direction. Bart doesn’t do his homework, Marge and Homer fight, an abandoned subway and the ultimate demolition of the school. Somehow these loose threads are vaguely tied together but there’s no narrative satisfaction. Marge is usually the one pushing Bart to do better, Homer’s the lazy parent. Changing sides doesn’t make any sense although it does lead to some great lines muttered by Homer.

I did enjoy the TV show parodies of The Jetsons and House. The scenes of Springfield in the future made little sense (if you want to fill up some time, throw in Eye on Springfield or Bad Cops) but were amusing enough to hold attention. The House parody was featured in the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon and was very funny (“Violence relaxes me”). The parodies were really the only highlight of the ep for me.

And Mr Kelleher, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I never handed in that assignment about Canberra. But then again, you still owe me a Mars Bar for guessing the last word of Little Brother.

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