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Like M&Ms with hope

Love Is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4

Hershey Kisses do not drop from Cupid’s butt

Couch gag: Homer dreams the couch has abandoned the family and they fly to Iraq to bring it back. When he wakes, Marge has left him because he spends too much time on the couch.

Director: Mark Kirkland

Guest voice:
Glenn Close as Mona

Synopsis: Professor Frink attempts to solve the mystery of women and tries to make himself more attractive to the opposite sex. The oldies at the Retirement Castle have been taking new pills which make them hallucinate.

Discussion: My boyfriend just called me the Grumpy Simpsons Reviewer. Hmm, maybe I should change the title of my blog…

Anyhoo… Here’s the annual Valentine’s Day episode. It’s so highly improbable that it’s not even funny. The nurse at the retirement castle suddenly decides when and how much meds to give the oldies. Professor Frink gets a girlfriend, or rather, several girlfriends and he’s dissatisfied. Grampa’s stealing kisses from the mechanic and Homer is explaining all his “jokes”, but then acknowledges he’s explaining them.

I feel like these are both half-arsed stories which lack any thought, let alone any suitable conclusion. It would be nice for Frink to find love with an actual human woman and not some weird android. Frink having threesomes is an idea worth exploring. I get the sense that the original concept was to show one doesn’t have to change one’s self in order to find love (which is different from sex, BTW) but this fails miserably. Surely there’s some hot science woman lurking in Springfield? Even if she’s on a weekend conference and they continue the romance long-distance.

As for the story with the hallucinating oldies… WTF? There’s no story here at all! It’s just a bunch of oldies dancing with their imaginations. It’s more incoherent than this post! There’s absolutely no substance to it at all and, unsurprisingly, has a totally stupid conclusion (in the loosest sense of the word). It would be nice for Grampa to be alone with his memories, including some charming ones of Mona. Mona makes a rather short appearance in this ep which is pretty wasteful. Mona is a lovely character with a lot of heart and an unfinished story (IMO). Yet she’s only on screen and sanitised for a blink of an eye. Ergh.

Neither of these stories worked. It wasn’t just that they were ill-conceived and executed, the whole concepts were bad right from the very beginning. Please, put some thought into it! I beg you.

Let’s get Snicker faced


Love, Springfieldian Style

Couch gag: The family rush into the living room and attach themselves to a giant mobile, but Homer’s weight crashes them down.

Director: Raymond S. Persi

Synopsis: Whilst stuck in a Tunnel of Love ride, the Simpsons tell three stories of love.

Discussion: Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? Well, OK, it’s a lame holiday… but full of TV gold. This episode is The Simpsons‘ offering from 2008 and one of the better episodes of the season.

Bonnie and Clyde , starring Homer and Marge as the title characters. Bonnie (Marge) is only turned on by violence, leading Clyde (Homer) to rob banks and pull in a civilian (Ned) to help. When Ned snitches, Bonnie and Clyde’s love ends in gunfire. The ending surprised me because it’s quite graphic for the show: the sequence lasts over a minute where Bonnie and Clyde are fired upon without dying or even bleeding. I understand the episode was heavily edited for UK audiences but I don’t know what happened on the original Australian airing (I’d long given up watching new episodes by this point). It’s not a very strong segment and the ending really is quite shocking. Despite bloody, gory deaths being shown on the show before (usually in Halloween episodes), this particular one was disturbing. Maybe it was the lack of blood and death which made it so eerie?

Shady and the Vamp is a parody of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. The film is classic Disney and everyone knows the scene where Lady and Tramp are sucking on spaghetti. Here, Shady (Homer) and Vamp (Marge) have a fling but Vamp ends up with a litter of Barts and Lisas, who wander off to find their father Shady and wind up very close to the gas chamber of the local pound. Again, this is a little bit disturbing- no one likes to think about animals being euthanised. Being a Disney fan, I loved this segment, particularly the song sung by all the characters. The Siamese Cats (Patty and Selma) are just one of the highlights from this segment. I was sad to see it end!

Sid Vicious & Nancy Sid and Nancy’s story happened before my time, but even I know that they were destroyed by drugs. Of course, you can’t show drug dependency on The Simpsons so they’ve replaced heroin with… chocolate. Come on! Give the fans some credit! Get Nancy (Lisa) and Sid (Nelson) addicted to caffeine or some other mostly-harmless substance. The drug/chocolate scenes are numerous and overpowering so that their codependent love story is overshadowed, as I guess their real-life relationship was. At least this story doesn’t end with an alleged murder and death by overdose.

As a Valentine’s Day ep, it’s OK. It doesn’t get overly mushy and keeps that satirical edge throughout the episode. I found parts of it quite disturbing and am glad Sid and Nancy’s demise wasn’t shown, although I guess it could have been an interesting bookend to the Bonnie & Clyde non-death segment…

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