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Your neck skin dances when you speak


Catch ‘Em If You Can

Couch gag: The Simpsons are piped onto a cake like frosting.

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Synopsis: Marge and Homer attempt to take a second honeymoon away from the kids, but Bart and Lisa are hot on their tails.

Discussion: I get it. Cutesy parodied movie name complete with animation montage: it’s swell, it really is. But this is a 20 minute play on one joke and it gets real old, real fast.

Homer and Marge ditch Uncle Tyrone’s birthday party for the sun, surf and madness of Miami (along with a plane full of newlyweds). Bart and Lisa catch onto the gag when a tornado rips through the hotel their parents are supposedly staying at, and Marge calls to say everything is hunky dory. Blah blah blah fifteen more minutes of stuff. I’ve seen Adam Sandler movies that play one joke for less time than this ep! 

Apart from the montage, there’s absolutely nothing of interest. Not even Grampa’s attempts at hooking up with da ladeez saves this monstrosity. There’s just nothing very clever to hold one’s interest like the movie did.

And… where the hell is Maggie throughout this whole adventure?



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