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Beer is the nectar of the nitwit


Worst Episode Ever

I will not hide the teacher’s medication

Couch gag: The squeaky-voiced teen, as valet, delivers the couch to the family.

Director: Matthew Nastuk

Guest Voice:
Tom Savini as himself

Synopsis: When Comic Book Guy has a heart attack, Bart and Milhouse run the store, while Comic Book Guy dates Skinner’s mother.

Discussion: Pfft, this is nowhere near the worst episode ever! Instead, it’s a dig from the writers about the spate of episodes which have probably jumped the shark… that’s my hypothesis anyway.

We have an insight into Comic Book Guy’s personal life. He’s ridiculed at his own store, has a heart attack and dates Skinner’s mum, Agnes. It’s not the best storyline ever but it’s certainly not the worst. I’d like to have seen the relationship between Comic Book Guy and Agnes developed a bit more; the subplots got in the way, making the episode feel unbalanced. Agnes is hilarious here; she’s clearly not had a date for a while (do we ever find out what happened to Skinner’s father?) and the bedroom scene is one of the best scenes in the entire series. It’s OK to be grossed out, you’re only human.

As for Bart and Milhouse, their friendship has taken another turn, and it’s fantastic. Milhouse over orders Biclops, possibly the lamest superhero ever (remember when Milhouse was cool because he was Fallout Boy?) and Bart sells tickets to illegal films. It’s classic Bart and a testament to their friendship as Milhouse goes blindly along with whatever Bart says. You got it, partner.

This is far from the worst episode ever, however it does feel unbalanced. Still, considering some of the garbage the show has spewed out, this feels charming in comparison.

I stand by my disappointed groan


Saddlesore Galactica

Substitute teachers are not scabs.

Couch gag: The family are dressed in karate uniforms and they karate chop the couch to pieces.

Director: Lance Kramer

Guest Voices:
Jim Cummings as Duncan
Bachman-Turner Overdrive as themselves
Trevor Denman as himself

Synopsis: At the state fair, the Simpsons encounter a mistreated horse and adopt him. Meanwhile, Lisa’s school band loses the competition and she appeals to President Clinton for help.

Discussion: Like many season 11 episodes, this one starts well and ends up, well, pretty craptacular.

Lisa’s school band has made it to the finals, to be held at the State Fair only to come runners-up to the Ogdenville band, who used glow sticks to punctuate their performance. Unhappy about unfairly losing, she appeals to then-President Clinton for help. Well, OK. If it helps to take away the absurdity of Furious D, I’ll allow it. Plus I think every kid needs a lesson in being a sore loser.

While at the State Fair, the Simpsons see a diving horse whose act is shut down for animal cruelty. Naturally, the Simpsons adopt the hapless animal, prompting Comic Book Guy to appear out of nowhere and remind them they’ve done this before. This time, to earn his keep, Duncan is entered as a race horse, trained to be a fighter and he wins races.

And now, get ready for the stupidity to start: Homer is kidnapped by jockeys, who are actually elves and live underground in a fibreglass tree! Not only that, they threaten Homer that they’ll eat his brains if his horse keeps winning! Oh, how hilarious! …Not. What a load of rubbish. Not even a song can save this scene. It doesn’t make sense at all. It’s a cheap, cop-out conflict, reminiscent of the truckies finding out Homer knows about the automatic driving dealy.

Not even the self-reflexive notions of Comic Book Guy are good enough to save this ep. Not only does he point out the similarities in plot from two previous episodes, he rocks up wearing a shirt proclaiming Worst Episode Ever. I disagree with him on this point: up til now I think the worst ep was Skinner being revealed as Tamzarian, and future episodes are pretty bad as well. Nonetheless, we move on.

Finally, one last point. When he accepts his trophy, Homer mentions that Hollywood is leading our kids down a moral sewer. Well thank you Mr Hays. Let’s bring back that Production Code, shall we? It worked so well the first time…

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